Tue, 2020-06-02

Unrealistic Beauty Standards & How to Redefine Them

Society tends to put a lot of pressure on women as to how we should look. We deserve to feel beautiful the way we are, so here’s how you can redefine the idea of beauty.

Everyone perceives beauty differently - what you find beautiful may not be the same for another. However thanks to mainstream and social media, beauty of the female form has somehow become more narrowly defined. 

To be considered beautiful, women are expected or expect themselves to fit these criteria, or risk feeling inadequate in beauty. 

In reality, you don’t need to be super skinny, fair-skinned or have a symmetrical face to be considered beautiful. If you can’t control it, embrace it! We stand strongly for the concept of loving yourself, so here are 5 ways you can and should embrace your unique beauty.


1. Nurture your mindset first

It may be hard to overcome your thoughts when you’ve been conditioned to constantly compare yourself to others, but the journey towards self love is one only you can complete.

Take the time to find what you like about yourself the most, whether it’s your features or your personality. You need to first believe that you are beautiful in your own way, and you can do that by broadening your own definition of what’s beautiful. 

One tip is to look at others and try to identify what is beautiful about them regardless of their level of physical attractiveness. With practice, you will soon also be able to do that for yourself and realize that there is no one standard for beauty at all!


2. Take care of yourself

You should always do something that makes you happy because you look the best when you aren’t stressed, worried or sad - that’s when the glow comes from within.

On days that you don’t feel good about yourself, make it a point to be good to you!. It can be as simple as giving yourself a facial, getting a haircut or just making yourself a cup of hot tea to enjoy! Knowing that you have done what you can to take care of yourself will help boost your confidence, which is also a type of beauty!


3. Redirect your focus

Everyone wants to be beautiful, but we can also strive to be something else - successful, charismatic or creative! Instead of obsessing over being beautiful on the outside, you can work on other aspects of yourself which will always matter more than your physical attractiveness.


4. Practise self-acceptance

Regardless of how beautiful you think you are, you matter. You matter to those who love you, and you matter to you! Controlling that inner voice is important.

We tend to be most critical of ourselves, but here’s something to think about : Imagine if the harsh things you say to yourself were being said to someone you love. Would you say it still? We’re pretty sure you won’t, so if you can accept and be kind to someone else, you can definitely do the same for yourself just as much or more!


5. Choose who you listen to

Although negative comments may consume us, the good thing is that it works just the same for positive comments!

Rather than listening to the negative things you hear from people around you, surround yourself with positivity instead: follow all the strong women who promote authenticity and body positivity! Some ladies we personally follow are Adele, Margaret Cho and Alicia Keys.

Being beautiful is not just about looks, but rather about being the most authentic version of yourself and proud. 

How do you make yourself feel beautiful? Comment them down below and let’s empower one another!