Tue, 2020-06-02

Keeping your child entertained is not easy, so why not get them to lend their little hands in the kitchen for some fun and bonding? 

When Covid-19 hit us with the circuit breaker, you probably did all the stay-home activities available out there. However, if you’re a parent, here’s one activity you can never get too much of - bonding with your child!

Keeping a child entertained all day is not easy. Between learning, playing and watching TV shows, they’re bound to get restless somehow. So, why not get them to lend you a hand in the kitchen? Here are 9 delicious, kid-friendly recipes you can try out!


  • Pancakes

Pancakes may seem a little basic, but the fun starts with the toppings! Let your child choose what they like and decorate to their heart’s content (it works wonders if your child is in that fussy eating phase!). Get the recipe here.


  • Animal Toast

Healthy food never looked more appealing! Recreate your child’s favourite animals on toast with some fruits and spread for a fun-filled experience. If you need some inspiration, check it out here!


  • Mini Pizza Cups

‘Pizza’ is a magic word that instantly grabs the attention of children. But if you don’t want to feel guilty about serving it for breakfast, try this bite-sized recipe instead!


  • Sushi Rolls

Easy and fun to make, this recipe is foolproof as there is no right or wrong when it comes to the stuffings. Here’s a simple egg and edamame sushi recipe, but you can definitely find more variations online!


  • Pigs in a Blanket

This is undoubtedly a kids’ favourite (and even adults’ too!) so why not let them in on the fun of making them? With only 2 ingredients needed, this is a quick snack to enjoy in the afternoon.


  • Chicken Quesadillas

One universal thing kids have in common is the love for cheese - and that’s what makes this recipe a hit! Not only is it fun to make, this hearty meal easily covers all the nutrients your child needs.


  • Cheeseburger Sliders

With McDonalds being closed up till May, here’s a chance for you to make your very own cheeseburger! To ensure lesser mess, try these sliders that are just the perfect size for your kids. 


  • Baked Spaghetti

When it comes to making dinner after a long day, short recipes are the go-to. That’s what makes this cheesy goodness so perfect, as it is one dish that can be enjoyed by all, most importantly your kids!


  • Fried Rice

Of course, we can’t forget our rice. We love this dish as it is not only easy to make (an obvious criteria in this case) but you can easily switch up the ingredients! Here are 4 different versions you can try out.

Now, you don’t have to stress about whipping up meals all alone while trying to watch your little one at the same time. Get them to join in - it’s not only a good bonding experience, but also a good practice for their fine motor skills! 

What are some of your favourite kid-approved recipes? Share them down below for fellow mamas to take note of!